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Faith is Not a Feeling

"I don't get it...sometimes I wake up and really feel God's presence. I feel happy and ready for the day. Other times I don't feel Him at all. I'm so confused. How do you know when He's really there? How do you know when He is actually speaking to you?"

I could almost hear the desperation in her voice,

See the longing in her eyes,

And feel the restlessness in her heart.

"For our hearts are restless until they rest in You" (Augustine).

"He's not a feeling," I whispered in the darkness of her midday slumber.

"He's more than a feeling. He's everything."

We live in a society obsessed with feelings of instant happiness.

Instant gratification, instant satisfaction.

Thanks to social media and technological advancements, we can pretty much get anything we want, whenever we want.

I used to think once you became a Christian, those instant happy feelings would immediately be replaced with a permanent, unshakeable joy.

At an …