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Eight Months

You can't tell someone how to grieve.

If I've learned anything in the past eight months, it's that.

You can't expect people to understand what you're going through. Heck, you can't even expect yourself to understand what you're going through.

Everyone grieves differently.

Some are sad, others angry. Still others, a combination of the two.

And with each passing month, you keep telling yourself, this month it'll be better. This time, when the 12th comes around, I won't cry. I wont be angry.

But you cannot control grief. You can't put grief in a little box and say, "Here, you stay there. It's not your time to shine yet. Wait till this day and time and place, when I'm ready for you, and then you can come out."

Grief doesn't work that way.

Grief creeps up on us on the worst days, at the worst times, and in the worst places possible, when we least expect it.

On numerous occasions I have thought to myself, If I pray, my grief will…

Our Very Own Composer

What's the name of the song that's been stuck in your head lately?

You know, the one that keeps creeping up on you in each moment of silence, the one you keep humming to yourself as you go about your day?
Write down the title and artist of that song on a blank piece of paper.
If you've seen the film Inside Out from this past year, think back to that scene in the movie when the maintenance workers in Riley's long-term memory keep replaying the song "TripleDent Gum" in her head over and over again. (Watch the clip here:
I'm not too skilled at analogies, so bear with me, but I'm starting to think this is the way God works too.
Sometimes it seems as if God speaks to us by "replaying" the same thoughts in our heads over and over again. The first time we think it's just a coincidence. But then the thought doesn't seem to go away.
Lately, God keeps replaying a particular thought in my head over a…