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Five Months

In honor of my brother's passing five months ago today, I thought I would post this reflection (below). I read this reflection to 100 or so people last week at an event for Notre Dame's Mental Illness Awareness Week. Thanks again to everyone who came out and made me feel so loved!
It was spring break of my sophomore year at Notre Dame. A few of my friends went to the beach for the week. Some went to the mountains. I went home to visit my brother in the mental hospital.
“I can’t do it anymore,” he told me, as he balled his eyes out in my arms. We were sitting in the waiting room of the hospital where he had lived in isolation for the past month or so.
It all began a few years back, when he went off to college at Indiana University. He was never that great at school, so it was hard for him to keep up with the competition at IU. The classes got harder, the grades kept falling, the depression intensified, and the marijuana seemed to be the only thing that brought him some sor…