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Mental Health Resources

As many of you already know, I lost my big brother a month ago to mental illness/suicide.
I'll keep this post short and to the point. In honor of my brother, I am compiling a list of mental health resources for all of my lovely readers. I will add new links as I find them, so keep checking back for more if you want.

Please, for Zach and for my family, share this post with anyone you think could benefit from this list.
24/7 HELPLINES (can call in case of an emergency) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1 (800) 273-8255
To find support
To help a friend
To learn more about mental illness conditi…

An Update

My brother is dead.

Sometimes I have to say those words to myself over and over again, just so I can finally start believing them. My older sister said, for her, saying them to herself wasn't enough. She had to say them out loud. She needed to hear them in order for their reality to full set in.

I'm getting to the point where saying them to myself isn't enough, either. I have to say them out loud too. And not just so that I can hear them, but so that others can hear them as well.

Just last night I was at dinner with an old high school friend who is also working in NYC this summer (I just moved here Monday). We talked for about an hour while eating our delicious NY pasta and sipping our wine. The conservation covered everything from boys to school to careers to study abroad and back...everything besides family relationships.

Which is odd for her, considering how important her family is to her. Every time we talk on the phone or grab dinner (when we're finally in the sam…