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Rest In Peace, Big Brother

Our Angel By: Haley Hoyle In memory of my big brother and guardian angel, Robert Zachary Hoyle, 11.7.1991-5.12.2015

Surrounded by love,
Yet there he went.
His sudden short death,
We will forever lament.

Our son, our brother,
Our very best friend.
His days may be over,
But this is far from the end.

Far from the end,
In fact, his time has just begun.
And over his sweet short life,
Death has not won.

The only winner here, you see,
Is a family filled with love.
One lost, but now we’ve gained,
Our angel Zach who sits above.

Our angel forever,
Our sweet, sweet boy.
And all he taught us,
We will forever employ.

“Believe in your dreams,
Be strong in a world so dark.”
On our hearts, his words,
Will forever leave their mark.

It’s a numbness without him,
An emptiness beyond compare,
Yet wherever in the world we are,
Zach, our guardian angel, will always be there.

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