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South Bend to Uganda to London

Date: January 13, 2015
Location: London, UK

Well, here we are. My very first week in London.

I will be "studying" abroad here until early May (just kidding about the quotes Mom; I promise I'll actually study).

So far the trip has been a blur. We landed in London early in the morning on Thursday, January 8th, around 5am. Thursday and Friday were the classic orientation days that every jet-lagged student dreads. Saturday we took a class trip to the Museum of London and explored the city a bit, and Sunday I spent some time at a few markets with my new friends I've made here. The markets were so cool. They had food from every corner of the world and so many clothes, posters, souvenirs, etc. We ended Sunday with an opening Mass (classic Notre Dame) and dinner for everyone in the London Undergraduate Program.

It's always weird being in a new place. It feels different. It looks different. Heck, it even smells different.

It's like seeing the color yellow for th…