"Change can push us, pull us, rebuke and remake us. It can show us who we've become, in the worst ways, and also in the best ways. I've learned that it's not something to run away from, as though we ever could, and I've learned that in many cases, change is not a function of life's cruelty but instead a function of God's graciousness."


We are creatures of habit. We consistently cling to what is comfortable. As such, we are terrified of change. Foreign territory - whether physical, emotional, or spiritual - fills our hearts with fear.

Yet what we often fail to realize is that our fear of change is a direct result of our clear dependence on other people instead of on the Lord. We are afraid of change because for so long we have relied so heavily on everything and everyone but God. We have consistently placed our trust, our hope, our strength, our everything in other people. In a sense, we have made other people our "mini-Gods," almost to the point of "worshipping" them as God should be worshipped. So when circumstances change, and all we are left with is the Lord, we're not sure how to even begin to rebuild our relationship with Him - the relationship we've been abandoning for so long. When circumstances change, we crumble.


If only we realized that inside each of our hearts, there is a God-shaped hole that no man or woman will ever be able to fill. We spend so long trying to force other people to satisfy the emptiness inside our souls, but only when circumstances begin to change do we realize that sometimes it is actually much sweeter to just be alone with the Lord. I'll say that again: sometimes it is actually much sweeter to just be alone with the Lord. There is really nothing like finally coming back to the foot of the cross, after ignoring Jesus' sweet salvation for so long, instead relying on the supposed salvation found in other people.

There is nothing quite like a relationship with Him.

He who will never betray us, abandon us, yell at us, make us cry or question or doubt our worth.
He who will never leave our sides; He whose arms will always be wrapped tightly around us.
He who lets us go our own way for a while, if that's what we think will be best for us.
But He who daily, anxiously awaits our return, welcoming us with open arms the second we run right back to Him.
Above all, He who loves us simply because He loves us.


Change is a seemingly terrifying concept, but when you really think about it, what's more terrifying than putting all your trust, hope, and strength in anyone other than God? Change is a beautiful thing. It pushes us; it pulls us; it rebukes us. Above all, it remakes us. It paves the way for new life. And what's more beautiful and more refreshing than a life brand new?


Here's an analogy for ya.

It may seem strange, but think about the birth of a child. When a baby is delivered, she (I'm using she instead of he because girls rule, duh) comes out screaming and crying, looking not exactly clean or put together (to put it gently). The baby seems to be in pain, terrified of this new world she has just entered. She fears the change of her surroundings.

Yet everyone around her, who understands what is happening in her life, is filled with joy. Endless joy. Why? Because even though she may not understand what is happening to her or why she has been thrown into this uncomfortable world of change and fear, the people around her who love her most understand exactly what is happening and why it is happening. All who know her know that here and now, in this moment, her life is just beginning. Her life is made new. Her old life is gone, and today she lives brand new. The sweet innocent baby does not realize this yet, but one day, she will.

When we face a certain change in our lives, it will be painful at first. We may not understand what in the world is happening or why it is happening. We'll scream and cry and realize just how messy and all over the place we feel. Yet everyone around us understands exactly why and can see beyond the pain that blinds our vision, beyond the hurt that creeps into our hearts on and off throughout the day. Everyone around us understands that this phase is necessary in order to become who were ultimately created to be. This phase of letting go of the past is necessary in order to rebuild our relationship with God. Change is the only way we can begin the journey of running right back straight into His arms, despite how long we've abandoned Him before. Change is our one opportunity to fall deeply in love with Him all over again. And what a beautiful thing change is, indeed.


"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old is gone; the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Song of the week: All I Need is You by Hillsong United

"And this is redemption story, with every step that I'm taking. Every day You're chipping away what I don't need. This is me under construction; this is my pride being broken. Every day, I'm closer to who I'm meant to be. I'm a change in the making." ~ (Change in the Making by Addison Road)


  1. this is so great im crying #LL

  2. "The supposed salvation found in other people?"

    Bitter, no?

    I can apodictically assert that this entire blog is merely the story of an immature teenager who is willing to use pseudo-Christian justifications to relieve her of all responsibility for her actions (and/or explain the regrettable situations she puts herself into).

    1. wow...just wow

    2. Just because you use big words does not make what you say mean anything right. Just because you don't know that the hunger and the thirst comes from the heart doesnt mean you can just say whatever you feel like. This blog has helped me and i know probably a lot of other people.

    3. to the two comments directly above this: thank you. i appreciate your support. to the anonymous commenter who enjoys making me feel horrible, thank you for reminding me of exactly why this world need Jesus so much, because of people like you.

    4. As Christ once said: "Stop judging."

      "I can apodictically assert." There is nothing logical or certain about your comment.


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