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Making the Impossible, Possible

"The darkest sin imaginable."

Sounds scary and intense and like something we would NEVER dream of doing, right?
Well, sometimes what we say we will do is very different than what we actually end up doing.
Things happen; people make mistakes.

We are all human, and we are all capable of the darkest sin imaginable.

You are capable of sin.
I am capable of sin.
We are capable of sin.

And that is where forgiveness comes into play.


For me, learning how to forgive was once very much like learning how to run straight through a brick wall: it's just not going to happen.

I used to try to forgive time and time again, and it felt as if all I was doing was punishing myself, slamming straight into that immovable brick wall each time. Afterwards, I would return back to my starting point even more bruised and broken than before.

My inability to forgive began to change this past summer during my time at Hesed House, a homeless shelter just outside of Chicago where I lived and w…