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Real Talk

Dear God,

It saddens me how cruel some people can be.

You know all the thoughts in my head before I even think them, so you know that I am very tempted to delete my blog completely. It's been a great year and a half of blogging, with almost 35,000 total page views. I've gained some really faithful readers and received some amazing encouragement that I will not soon forget.

But Lord sometimes the criticism weighs too heavy on my soul. It tears me apart when someone makes fun of me for loving You. Yet what's even worse is what has been happening lately. People are starting to use the blog against me. "When will you start being more like the person you claim to be in your blog?" Or worse - "You are a hypocrite because the words you write in your blog do not align with the way you live your life."

What do I do, God?
How do I help them realize that, yes, I am a Christian, but no I am not perfect?


Last night, I was doing homework in the library (yes…it wa…