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What It Means to be Human

I like to think that every person is inherently good at the core. A friend of mine (shout out to Raleigh) told me this during my freshman year of high school. The older I get, the more I realize how right she really was.

This summer during my time in Chicago, another friend of mine helped me to realize that we are all human, and we are all capable of the darkest sin imaginable. It took me a while to finally come to terms with the fact that those who love us the most are capable of hurting us the most. We like to think that the ones we love would never sin against us, but we cannot expect perfection from anyone. Why? We are only human.

Combine the wisdom of these two young ladies together, and we can begin to piece together what it means to be human.

To be human means,
To capable of the darkest sin imaginable,
But to still, NO MATTER WHAT, be inherently good at the core.

Each one of you is good enough for God. The you right now at this very moment is the you whom God loves and has chosen …

The Point When Life Happens

God has given each of us a restless heart. No matter how much we have in life, our hearts are somehow constantly restless for more. We are always looking forward to "the next big thing" - the car we've always wanted, the book we're dying to read, or the friend we haven't seen in years. When it comes to my own experiences, rarely am I completely content with the present. I often find myself with a deep desire to revert to the past or to speed up to the future, which in my mind always seems to look so much more appealing than the life before my eyes in this very moment.
Learning to be happy with the present moment is truly an art. Yet like all art forms, the more you practice, the easier it will be. In my own life, perhaps my greatest art form is writing. I wasn't always a writer, but after my uncle died when I was in 3rd grade - the first time I was introduced to the concept of death - I found that the only way for me to adequately express my remorse was by wri…

What a Journey

My beautiful readers,

We are quickly approaching my blog's first birthday. In the summer of 2012, two of my cousins encouraged me time and time again to start a blog. At first I resisted, wondering what I possibly had to contribute to the faith. Only after my cousins' continual urging did I realize that sometimes God makes it very clear what we are to do with our time, if only we have the ears to listen to His call. He speaks in so many ways each day of our lives, through our family members, our friends, and even strangers, through books and His word, through music and poetry. His presence is so real and so rich in beauty and creativity. He finds new and exciting ways to speak to us every time we open our eyes in the morning to begin a new day. The moment we begin to realize this is the moment at which our lives truly begin.

I hope that in some small way, my blog has enriched your life and will continue to enrich your life. Don't worry, my blog and I aren't going anywh…

Secrets Make You Sick

"My babies were forced to watch their own father punch me to the ground. They saw all of that; they were right there. Now I'm just trying to teach them that he's far, far away from us, and no one is going to treat us like that anymore. We're safe now."

This is a story of hope.

This is the story of two little boys and their mother, three people whose dark past has only made the light within them burn even brighter.

"He really was a deadbeat dad..." I listened to her words, but all I could see was the pain in her eyes. "He refused to work, but I never trusted him with the kids so I didn't want to leave them alone with him when I went to work. I didn't trust him because he would abuse them physically. And as for me, I was abused physically, mentally, sexually, religiously...everything."

As tears began to form in her eyes, I started to understand just how painful this moment was for her.

"I haven't talked about this stuff in what …