Breaking It Down

Enough with the fluff. I've written ad nauseum about the abundant grace of God and His endless mercy and love. I've used words like brokenness and redemption. I've shed light on the fact that God has the ability and the desire to change your life for the better. These words are great; don't get me wrong. But what does it all mean? Let's break it down. Let's make this simple.
I want to make something clear. Religion is not about having a "yay Jesus loves me now let's smile every second of the day" kind of attitude. Just because you have Jesus doesn't mean your life will be easy. Far from it, in fact.

Faith is not a feeling; it's an action. I do not naturally find it easy to believe in an invisible God, yet I make the conscious decision to trust in His goodness and might. Loving others and especially myself doesn't just happen on a whim. Rather, I choose to love despite faults, to forgive despite failures.

So many people complain that they just don't "feel" God, so they don't believe in Him. Well if faith was such an easy and natural feeling, wouldn't everyone be faithful? People turn to what it easy and natural, yet what is easy and natural may not always be what is necessary to make us the best versions of ourselves.

You claim you don't feel God's presence, but have you even attempted to draw near to Him? Have you even reflected on a single one of His promises? Have you made an effort to meet Him in prayer? Like anything in life, faith requires effort. And the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Time for me to be honest. I haven't been putting as much effort into my faith as I'd like to lately. Yet rather than beat myself up about it like I used to, I realize that all that matters is that I vow to make a change. Remember, it's not about making dramatic changes and telling yourself you'll never make this or that mistake again. Life is all about progress. You have to start breaking it down. Each month, each day, each step can make a difference. You just need to keep moving forward.

My challenge to you in this moment is to realize that what is in the past is irrelevant. The decisions you make a minute from now or a year from now are completely in your control. You just need to keep breathing and keep taking it one step at a time. Nothing is as stressful and horrible as you think it is. No matter what, life is good. Why? Because you are still breathing. You are still living. And no matter what, there's always at least one person on this planet who cares about you.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


  1. Beautiful words Haley. I hope that the more people get to know this blog, the more people will get to know love.

    God bless you!

  2. is that a quote you made up?????"Our greatest glory...."


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