Hands and Hearts

Here I stand, in awe of the presence of Christ my King.
Oh Lord of Your sweet goodness I will forever sing.
For You have refreshed my soul in ways unexpected.
My heart You have stolen, shielded, protected.
In Your arms I find the safe haven for which I so long.
In Your embrace I find my peace - the home where I belong.
You alone are my shelter, my most beautiful saving grace.
No moment will compare to the moment I first saw Your face.
Oh the wonder of Your face, that has saved me from myself.
Oh the beauty of Your hands, so quick to catch me when I fell.
Always so quick to guide me as I stumbled through the night.
Always so willing to ease my fears whenever I put up a fight.
Yet fight, hate, envy no more, as I realize just who You are.
The end goal now being only love, as You guide me from afar.
You held my hand and guided me through a former path of destruction.
Giving me a new heart, not yet perfect, only beautifully under construction.
God, You gave me new eyes to see You in a world so dark.
With my head in Your hands You promised, "Never, my dear, will we part."
"Never will I leave you, or cast you to the side.
Never will I allow fear to consume you, to make you run and hide.
With our hands and hearts together, we'll create this life anew.
With the past behind us, let's do this together: now it's only Me and you.
See now, it's just the two of us, no one can tear us down.
For you've all the strength you'll ever need, as long as you have Me around.
Yes everything you could ever need, I have it in My hands.
So give Me your heart and take My hand, for you I have the most beautiful of plans."


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