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Not Ashamed

"No place I'd rather be, no place I'd rather be,
Than here in Your love, here in Your love."
As long as I live, I will never forget that moment. We were sitting in a circle, all of my camp friends and counselors at our Christian summer camp in Colorado, singing the words to "Set a Fire" by Will Reagan. After a few minutes, every voice faded away besides the voices of three men in their early 20s. "No place I'd rather be, no place I'd rather be, than here in Your love, here in Your love." Never had I seen so much passion. Their eyes were closed, their hands open, palms facing up. Even from a distance, I could see the tears they were continually wiping from their eyes. Every so often, they would tilt their heads back and open their eyes to the sky, with the greatest of smiles on their faces. True satisfaction. True fulfillment. Found only in the loving, everlasting embrace of our God.
There is nothing more beautiful than a human being's …

The Letter

My Child,

I delight in you (Isaiah 62:4). You know how you feel when you see a glorious sunset? That's how I feel when My eyes meet yours. Everything about you pleases Me. No matter what happens, I am blessed to call you My own, My little one. Yet you worry so much. You step just a centimeter out of line and think that your whole world is crumbling. What you must realize is that simply "your desire to please Me does in fact please Me" (Thomas Merton, "Thoughts in Solitude"). You are trying to please Me, and that's all I ask of you. I do not expect perfection from My children. My little one, all I want for you is to make your home in My arms. All I am is yours. Everything I have, everything I am, I want to give to you.
So why do you run? Why do you insist on finding your own way? Even when you are walking along the path of My Way, you still do not trust. I'm here, My child. What have you to fear? I am for you; who can be against you (Romans 8:31)? When y…

A Beautiful Adventure


My Homeless Experience

I slept under a bridge, with nothing but a sleeping bag, a journal, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and the clothes on my back.
This weekend, I experienced something called a "street retreat." As you read the word "retreat," you might be tempted to envision a cozy Church building, uplifting worship music, and talented speakers. A street retreat, on the other hand? Not even close. Instead of sleeping in a cozy Church building, you're sleeping underneath bridges. Instead of listening to uplifting worship music, you're listening to a possum or a rat crawling not too far away from your sleeping bag. And most of all, instead of listening to the stories of talented speakers, you're listening to the stories of men, women, and children who live their daily lives on the streets.
To put it simply, a street retreat is a spiritual experience in which you pretend to be homeless for a weekend. Why? Two specific reasons: 1) to understand what homeless people have to go thro…