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Two Voices

"Haley, you have the ability to make me proud, but you don't.
If you chose a different path...if you became an atheist like me, then I would be proud of you."

It's not so easy for a daughter to hear these words from her own father. As many of you know, my parents divorced when I was very young, and my biological father is a staunch atheist. Now I love my dad very much, but I would be lying to you if I claimed that his harsh words don't affect me.

What I have learned from my relationship with my father is that those who constantly tear others down are those who fail to understand the love of Jesus. If we understood the love of Jesus, then surely we would treat the people in our lives much differently.

It's no easy task - loving like Jesus loves, forgiving like Jesus forgives, and living like Jesus lives. If it was easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it? If it took no effort, wouldn't the whole world be full of Christians?

Yet that right there is the core of…

My Beloved

"My beloved is mine, and I am His."
[Song of Solomon 2:16]
To put it gently, high school wasn't actually the peak of my romantic relationships. At the time, however, I failed to realize that this was so much more of a blessing than a curse. I constantly complained about being alone, wishing I could feel "wanted" or "loved" just once, just for a moment. I failed to recognize the unmatched love my family and friends had for me, often casting them aside in search of something better. As my friends won more and more attention from guys, my self-esteem continued to wane. I guess there came a point when I was so emotionally exhausted from feeling so alone (again, completely ignoring the love of my family and friends) that I decided to turn my attention fully and completely towards Jesus. But I didn't even know where to begin. Fall in love with someone invisible? Eh, I'll pass on that one. It seemed too complex to even comprehend.

Overtime, God prese…

Explaining the Unexplainable

"Where was God in Connecticut today, Haley? If there truly is a God how could he let those poor little kids get slaughtered? Aren't they supposedly his innocent children? I love you Haley, but you are putting your faith in mere mythology. Stop wasting your time."

When I read these words on my phone Friday afternoon, my heart dropped. Frustration. Anger. Confusion. The questions began to swirl. How could God let this happen? A God who can't save innocent children must not be much of a God anyway. Either God doesn't exist, or he does exist but he's obviously not who he says he is.

To the families in Newtown, Connecticut, who lost their babies in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting this past Friday, here is my honest yet clearly imperfect attempt to explain the unexplainable events of this tragedy:

Explaining the Unexplainable
How could God let this happen? Let me tell you about the kind of God I believe in. I do not believe in a God that just "lets&qu…

Holding Onto Hope

The car isn't completely destroyed. I know there's still hope.

In past blog posts, I have mentioned a friend of mine whose life was recently turned upside down. My friend had to drop out of school and go into rehab for his drug addiction. A few days ago, I heard from him for the first time in a while. Relief flooded my heart and tears of joy came to my eyes as I listened to him say these words: "I know I've messed my life up, Haley. I know I've made some serious mistakes. But I had a dream last night...a dream that I got into a car crash. The car was obviously messed up, but when I took a hard look at it, I realized that it wasn't completely destroyed. That car is my life. It's messed up now, but the car is not completely destroyed. I can still turn my life around. I know there's still hope for me."

If I could have one wish in life, it would be for all of my loved ones to know Jesus. Although I pray for him nearly everyday, this friend of mine doe…

Hand It Over

It was the deepest kind of hopelessness I'd ever experienced.

Have you ever desperately wanted something out of your life, so much so that you're willing to do absolutely anything to get rid of it? It could be a personal habit that burdens your every move, or an enemy who continues to plague your every thought. Every time you even think of this struggle,  you're immediately overcome with disgust, regret, hatred, shame - a mixture of every kind of negative emotion.
But what we must realize is that it doesn't have to be this way. Take a moment and imagine the last time you felt hopeless. Think back to what it felt like. Maybe you turned back to a horrible past habit, for example. Imagine yourself holding something that reminds you of this bad habit. You begin walking forward. As you're walking, you notice a great incline in the land before you, and you slowly make your way up a hill. Unsure of where you're headed, clarity comes into play when you see Him. Your eyes…