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The Source of All My Joy

"I could tell they had something I didn't have. I knew they were different than me. And I was willing to do whatever it took to be like them."

It was the summer of 2011. There I was, sitting in a circle with some of my camp friends at Sky Ranch Christian Camp in Powderhorn, Colorado. God's mountains surrounding me, faithful friends by my side, and the Word of God before my eyes...It can't get much better than this, I thought. My friends and I were deep in conversation, each taking the time to explain how she came to know the love of the Lord.

"I could tell they had something I didn't have." My ears perked up as soon as these words left Maggie's mouth. "For so long, my life was filled with sadness and meaninglessness. But their lives? Now, their lives were much different. There was something different about them. They had a joy that I didn't have. They loved life in a way that I didn't."

Who were these people so filled with joy?…

But Then I Found Jesus

Insecurity. A simple, painful ten-letter word familiar to us all. I'm starting to realize that the common characteristic that links all of humanity is none other than insecurity itself. I guarantee that every individual on this planet has encountered insecurity at least once along the journey of life. In this day and age, insecurity seems almost inevitable, what with the constant pressure to succeed intellectually that is so prevalent in our society, and the media's constant stream of advertisements aimed to provoke us to strive for perfection in our appearances. Indeed, it is only human to feel the way we do, to occasionally to deny our worth.

Like so many of you, I too have experienced prolonged bouts of insecurity in my lifetime. During this time, I found it hard to see the worth that is within myself. It was if I constantly told myself, "You are not good enough. You will never be good enough." I discovered it extremely difficult to find comfort in my own skin. I …

Why I Love This World

Let me tell you why I love this world.

There I was, sitting in my biology class on Tuesday. Then, something caught my attention: black bracelet, neon green lettering. A smile formed on my face the minute I saw it. The boy sitting in front of me was taking notes just as I, and the bracelet on his wrist contained the following words: Our hearts are restless until they rest in You.
For those of you who don't know, Saint Augustine once said these piercing words, which speak of the truth of the Gospel that we will NEVER be satisfied until we find satisfaction in Jesus. Naturally, the minute I saw this boy's bracelet, I could no longer focus on the powerpoint slide about the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells before me. You want to know why I love this world? I love this world because of this random boy. This random boy - whose name I don't even know, whose face I would never recognize - was not afraid to wear this bracelet. In a world where the last thing consi…

An Angel

As most of you already know, I'm more emotional than the average person, so it may not be a surprise that as I'm typing these words, tears are (yet again) falling down my face. Every Sunday as I prepare to post on my blog, I am reminded of just how great a God we serve. And every Sunday, I cannot help but sit in awe as I reflect on just how beautiful the Lord is. I often find myself thinking, It can't be true. There can't be a God THIS good. It's way too perfect to be real. But you know what's so cool? It is real. All of it. It's true - God is real; He is active; He is living in our hearts. This world did not form out of happenstance, but out of a divine will, and each person is put on this earth for a very specific reason. We were made with a divine purpose in mind, and the point of our lives is to discover and fulfill that purpose.
And what is our purpose? Do our lives even have a point at all? Why are we here?
In my dorm at Notre Dame, there is a chapel…

the best feeling in the world

Today, I'm feeling small for the first time in a long time.

This is seriously the best feeling in the world. You probably think I'm crazy. How could feeling "small" be the best feeling in the world? There is nothing better than realizing just how small you are, and just how big God is. There's nothing cooler than realizing that you are a tiny, imperfect human being...while God is literally the biggest and best thing this world has ever seen.

It's so humbling to realize that without Him, we are literally nothing. Apart from Him, we can no nothing. (see John 15:5) The only thing good in us is Jesus. To be clear, I am not saying that people who do not follow Christ are "bad" people. What I'm saying is this: without Jesus, we are capable of being good people, but without Jesus, we are not capable of reaching our full potential. We need Him in order to become the people He has created us to be. And trust me, He has amazing things in store for us, if …