The Key to Life

I like to think that coincidences are just God's way of saying, "I am still here." My new Notre Dame friend Sarah calls them "God-incidences." The greatest God-incidence of my life occurred on August 22, 2009, three years ago today. And it was on this day that God changed my life forever.

Everyday I wear a key necklace to symbolize that God is the key to life. God holds the keys to each of our hearts. The reality of life is that we ALL face some sort of struggle...whether that struggle be an addiction to alcohol or drugs, a low income, or various insecurities. The struggles we face imprison us; they lock us up in chains and make us feel like we are nothing and will become nothing. They keep us from moving forward. Yet God, in His glorious grace, comes to save us. He is the KEY that sets us FREE from our chains. He releases us; it is because of Him that we are set free.

But the key that I wear everyday is no ordinary key...remember August 22, 2009, the day that changed my life? It was on this day that God gave me my key. You might be a little confused. Let's rewind a little.

It was the summer of 2009. I was headed to the small town of Van, Texas, for what was to be an amazing week of summer camp at Sky Ranch Christian Camp. There, I met a girl in my cabin named Madi from Louisiana. Madi soon become a role model for my life. Although she had lost both of her parents at a very young age, she was one of the strongest Christians I had ever met, so deeply in love with her Lord. I soon discovered that Madi wore a key everyday to symbolize that God is the key to life and that He holds the keys to our hearts (keep in mind that this was before I had my own key). I thought it was so cool how Madi was able to share God, the Creator of the Universe, with the world simply by wearing a key necklace.

A few weeks after camp, I was thinking about Madi's key, and how much I wanted to start wearing one too. While praying, I came to Jesus and said, "You know God, it would be cool if I had a key." And that was it. I didn't think anything was going to happen. But three days later, on August 22nd, something happened. And that "something" brought me closer to Jesus than ever before.

It was a special day in my family. That Saturday, we took my older sister Rachel to Texas A&M University to move her into her freshman dorm. I was packing last minute things for the road trip and all of a sudden I heard a voice saying these words over and over again: "Change your earrings. Change your earrings." When I opened my earrings drawer, what was the first thing I saw? Nothing but a small, silver, absolutely perfect key. A key that I had never seen before in my entire life. A key that doesn't go to anything at all in my entire house. A key that, I believe, was given to me by God Himself, so that I may tell the whole world of His great love.

Lord, thank You for giving me my key three years ago today. You are so so good to me, and I don't deserve Your love. Thank You for sending me Madi to teach me that YOU are the key to life, the key to love, the key to peace, joy, freedom...You are the key to everything I've ever wanted. I pray that my lovely readers may realize that today, God. Help them to realize that the satisfaction for which they hunger and thirst is found in You and You alone. Whether they realize it or not, You are what they're really searching for. You are the key to life. And You've set us free.

Song of the week: "The Struggle" by Tenth Avenue North
In the midst of our struggle, while we sit in chains wondering how to move forward, God sets us free. He is the key to freedom. He is the key to life.

My beautiful key that brought me to Jesus


  1. This is Wonderful! Glad to know you have The Key!!

  2. Good morning Haley,
    I stumbled upon your site while Google surfing. Your perspective is insightful. I've yet to read your previous posts that depict your journey but am looking forward to that.

    I will tell you that the key has always been there. It's the search and subsequent embrace that is usually missing. As you use the key it will open a door to God's house. Upon entry you will see his large table. As you approach God's table you'll notice that the nourishment is plentiful. No hunger no thirst. Happy to see you've pulled up a chair. Welcome to the feast.

  3. Its cool that God gave you that key on the 22nd. 22 throughout scripture is the number of Revelation. 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet 22 chapters in the book of Revelation. I look forward to reading your blog and following your Journey as Jesus continues to reveal Himself to you. One thing about hunger.... In the natural the more we eat the less we are the spiritual world its the opposite the more we eat His Word the Hungrier we get! Your brother in Christ J.R.

  4. Thank you three for your beautiful comments. I appreciate them more than you'll ever know. Your insight has given me even more ideas for my blog, and I know that God has surely used each of you to inspire me to keep proclaiming His word. Thank you.


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